Quit smoking in 60 minutes

With 90.4% success rate, our simple program will teach you how to change your thoughts and emotions to easily embrace being a non-smoker for life.

  • 9 out of 10 people quit on the first session. All it takes is really wanting to quit and working with us to give you the non-smoker identity you desire. After the first Quit smoking session we bring you back (approximately one week later) to strengthen and reinforce your non-smoker progress. Most clients are amazed at how easy it is to be a non-smoker.

  • After the Quit smoking session and your one hour reinforcement session we make a personal promise to you: If for ANY reason you start smoking again, we provide another session completely FREE to get you back on track as a confident and strong non-smoker. It truly doesn't matter if it's 5 months, 5 years or 15 years from now. We are absolutely committed to helping you achieve your Quit Cigarettes for Life goal.

  • Part of our post session support involves follow up on day 3, 7, 21, month 3 and 12 months down the track as a non-smoker to ensure you are strong and confident in achieving your goal.

Nothing to Fear, Your Whole Life to Gain

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